As we approach the festive period, it is a popular time for nail services, so we are here to navigate the world of nails.

First things first, you need to decide if you want to extend the length of your nails, or if you want to just add colour to the length you already have.

If you want to extend length, then you need to request extensions. This treatment can take up to two hours depending on the design you choose. A gel polish or nail polish can be applied on the top.

If you are happy with the length of your nails, then a gel polish may be ideal and this can last up to two weeks on a strong healthy nail. This treatment takes about 45 minutes.

Furthermore, you could have a manicure which is a treat for both your hands and nails, by intensely hydrating and nourishing followed by a nail polish finish.

There are a large variety of nail designs to choose from, which can be overwhelming.

If you want something more elaborate than just gel or nail polish then we recommend looking for nail designs online. It is also a good idea to check out the website or social media pages of your nail salon to see what designs they have created.

Please be aware that some nail photos may be of competition nails which can take up to five hours to do, as well as some nail photos being photoshopped.

We recommend that when booking your appointment to state whether you want nail designs, as the nail technician will need to book extra time for this, and it is always a good idea to bring the photos of the design you want. Snowflakes, Santa and reindeer are popular choices at Christmas.

If in doubt, add glitter! This is always a winner at the festive time of year and won’t add too much time to any nail service.

About the Writer:

Beverley Watson is a director and therapist at Revive. She has 23 years experience in the beauty industry, including seven years as a lecturer and assessor.

Skilled in all aspects of beauty, HD Pro Brow stylist, semi-permanent make up therapist, and nouveau contour qualified.