Semi-permanent Make-Up

You may have heard the words ‘semi-permanent make up’ and wondered what the hype is about.

Semi-permanent make up involves a tiny pen-like needle that deposits pigment into the upper layers of the skin and is specifically designed to fade over time. It can be applied to eyebrows, lips and as eyeliner.

Liner is perfect for creating the illusion of thicker, darker lashes and more defined eyes.

Expertly applied eyeliner enhancement is the perfect solution, giving a professional make up results, with a choice of top, bottom or both lids.

Lip blush is perfect for restoring shape and fullness lost with age and can transform thin or uneven lips.

Brow treatment is perfect for brows that have thinned out over time or if you want to wake up in the morning without having to put make up through them.

Throughout the consultation and on the day of treatment, recommendations and advice will be made, but you have the final decision and total control over your new look.

Semi-permanent make up means that you will always have make up on your skin; you will notice the colour gradually softening.

Top-ups are recommended for those who want to keep their semi-permanent make up looking as fresh as possible and this would generally be every 12-18 months.

Some factors that influence the fading of the semi-permanent make up are body chemistry, skin cellular turnover and some anti-ageing products and exposure to sunlight can have an effect.

A little discomfort is expected… described as a vibration and scratchy sensation. Some areas are more sensitive, however topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin before the treatment to make it as comfortable as possible.

The majority can immediately return to work and continue with their day following the treatment. Some may experience slight swelling after the treatment, that usually goes down within an hour or so.

For approximately five to seven days following the treatment the skin will produce small scabs which will then come away, leaving the healed pigment colour.

All pigment colours will fade up to 40% once healed, from immediately after the treatment. A healing balm is given to apply to the area during the healing process.

About the Writer:

Beverley Watson is a director and therapist at Revive. She has 23 years experience in the beauty industry, including seven years as a lecturer and assessor.

Skilled in all aspects of beauty, HD Pro Brow stylist, semi-permanent make up therapist, and nouveau contour qualified.