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Advanced facial treatments and supplements

One of the silver linings to multiple lockdowns – not that there are many – is it has allowed us the time to revamp our salon aesthetically, as well as change our treatment menu. We have always been passionate about skin thanks to our love of Dermalogica skincare, who...

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Ultimate guide to festive nails

As we approach the festive period, it is a popular time for nail services, so we are here to navigate the world of nails. First things first, you need to decide if you want to extend the length of your nails, or if you want to just add colour to the length you already...

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Teen acne versus adult acne

Adult AcneSkin therapists are commonly asked by adult clients: ‘Why am I breaking out at my age?’ Contrary to common belief, acne isn’t just for teenagers, it can affect anyone. Thanks to stress, hormonal changes, busy lifestyles and an increasingly polluted...

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Tattoo Make Up

Semi-permanent Make-UpYou may have heard the words ‘semi-permanent make up’ and wondered what the hype is about. Semi-permanent make up involves a tiny pen-like needle that deposits pigment into the upper layers of the skin and is specifically designed to fade over...

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The future of hair removal is here

Are you tired of continually removing hair with traditional methods?It is estimated that 75% of women would like to remove areas of hair growth permanently and with today’s advanced technology permanent hair growth removal has never been easier. ‘Hair no more’ is a...

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